Catalyst co founders launches with new focus on uns sustainable development goals

Catalyst Co-Founders launches with new focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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3rd October 2022

Catalyst Co-Founders launches with new focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Catalyst is inviting budding entrepreneurs across Northern Ireland to apply to their Co-Founders programme, launching with a newfound focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Co-Founders is a unique 12-week programme that brings together ambitious and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds to form teams of like-minded people, build creative confidence and develop new start-ups that have the potential to scale.

The teams receive access to mentors and industry experts, who help to validate their idea, test them in the real world and develop their business. Each team then pitches to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs allowing them to progress through the programme and access the best funding opportunities.

This year the programme will align itself to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to reflect Catalyst’s commitment to sustainable innovation. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and sustainable future for all.

Co-Founders will focus on 3 of the goals of good health and wellbeing, climate action and decent work and economic growth to empower teams to tackle global problems.

Since launching in 2017, Co-Founders has seen 611 people join the programme with 164 teams formed. Over a third of the teams formed are continuing to work on their start-up.

Hannah Cummings, Co-Founders Programme Manager at Catalyst said: “The Co-Founders programme is about providing opportunity to anyone interested in exploring innovation and developing a start-up in a risk-free environment, without spending any money or too much time.

“Catalyst’s new 5-year strategy is centred on creating opportunity for all through world leading innovation, something we want to embody in the Co-Founders programme this year. We are offering people the option to work on solving global challenges, something that will benefit Northern Ireland and beyond.

“To join the programme, all you need is an idea for a high-growth start-up or the skills to help one grow. You don’t need to be an experienced entrepreneur and you don’t need any formal qualifications, all are welcome on Co-Founders.”

The Co-Founders programme has seen many successes over the years. Health tech start-up Overwatch Research, an original 2017 team valued at an estimated £10.8m, has been bought by San Francisco-based R&D cloud software company Benchling. Another past team, BioLiberty, who empower medical professionals with life-changing technology, are now full time and going for pre-seed investment.

Anyone can apply to the programme with no experience or qualification required. Individuals or teams of up to 4 people can apply and entry is free. Apply today at