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They’re a great business, but ….

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18th October 2023

They’re a great business, but ….

Your business might be a roaring success with profits soaring and a growing customer base, but without a strong team working together to achieve shared goals that can all change.

Internal communication isn’t the glossy and glam side of business communications but it’s arguably one of the most important to get right.

Have you ever worked somewhere where you don’t feel appreciated? Maybe you didn’t get that sense of purpose. If employees wouldn’t recommend you as an employer, you need to flip your priorities and make space for an internal comms revamp.

Treat employees like family, tell them corporate news first

Internal communication through company newsletters, face-to-face meetings, intranet, or even just a standard email provides businesses with a platform to share company news with employees first. If your employees hear news from external sources it can impact on team moral, and nothing spreads faster than a negative opinion in the office.

By speaking to your team first you can control the corporate narrative and messaging and reduce the rumours which your employees will undoubtedly hear. Your team need to be aware of how the business is responding to different matters, do you want your team to respond to the media or not, how will they know if you don’t communicate with them.

There’s no I in Team but there are voices, listen to what your team has to say

There are times in business when decisions will be made in the best interests of the company, no discussions will be needed, and a top-down approach is appropriate for the desired outcome.

There are also times when this type of decision making with little to no internal communication will cause havoc with moral, culture and employer reputation. Employees want to be involved, they want to enjoy their working environment and be part of the team. Listen to their ideas, different generations have different needs, different people have different views. Seeing your business through different eyes can change how you approach different matters. It could be that your team want a once-a-month face-to-face meeting where you tell them everything they need to know. Maybe you need different members of your team to champion communicating different matters. Good internal communications is a team effort so get everyone involved.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s never too late to start

In an ideal world you would build a business which was profitable and had a happy and content team behind it. In reality, this is hard to achieve but it’s not impossible. Taking small steps to actively improve how you communicate with your team won’t go unnoticed and someday your team will hopefully recommend you as a great place to work.

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