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A week at MCE

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27th June 2022

A week at MCE

Adulting, a phrase used by millennials and Gen Z (myself), meaning to do ‘grown-up things’ and hold down responsibilities… and it’s exactly what I’ve felt I have been doing throughout my week at MCE.

Having just finished my first year of Marketing at Ulster University, I was delighted to undertake a week’s work experience with strategic comms and brand marketing agency in Belfast, MCE, giving me a glimpse into the real world of work within the Public Relations and Marketing industry.

MCE have given me not only the opportunity to utilise the skills I’ve gained from university, but also to work with a range of different clients, experiencing new challenges and opportunities each day. No two days have been the same, but all have been extremely enriching and informative.

As my work experience comes to an end, I am reflecting on all the knowledge I have gained and appreciating the experience I’ve had this past week. I started the week with a warm welcome from Lorna who gave me a presentation on MCE and the team involved, introducing their job roles and daily duties. I was then immediately included and found myself engaging in the Monday morning meeting with the team, which featured discussing a personal highlight from the previous week. For me, this really emphasised the great camaraderie and inclusion across all levels at MCE.

Initially, I began working with Alanna, who talked me through her role and responsibilities within MCE. Throughout the week, I got to work with a variety of team members, covering various aspects within MCE including; social media marketing, influencer relations, media relations, public affairs, property and planning. I really enjoyed this way of working as it let me have a glimpse into all the different job roles and what they entail.

I also had the chance to work directly with Paul, MCE’s Managing Director, which was unexpected, but he was really encouraging and invited me to attend client meetings covering so many areas from politics to property and cyber security to retail.

Later in the week, Alanna and I ventured out of the office to visit premier retail outlet, The Boulevard in Banbridge. During this site visit I was able to release my creative side and we worked together to produce content for The Boulevard’s social media platforms, as well as organising a photoshoot for their latest campaign involving the collaboration with a local artist.

This week’s work experience gave me the opportunity to connect with people who have recently graduated from university and are now account executives at MCE. I found this very beneficial as it gave me the chance to ask questions about the transition from university life into the working world.

One thing I noticed throughout my time at MCE was the attention to employee wellbeing. This ranged from tea, buns and fruit always being available in the office, to a free yoga session held to celebrate international yoga day on Tuesday, really demonstrating a collective culture within MCE.

As it is a Monday, I am going to leave you with my highlight from the previous week which for me, was the innovation session held on Friday afternoon. Apart from the abundance of snacks, I gained a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing which I cannot wait to utilise in the future.

By Sophie Ennis

Sophie Ennis
Sophie Ennis